Fees & Costs

Whatever the facts of your case, you will know the entire fee before you decide to retain us. Many people put off consulting with an attorney, or worse, seek legal assistance from unlicensed "consultants", "paralegals " and "documents preparation services" or, try to utilize "do it yourself kits" because of misunderstanding, uncertainty or fear about attorney's fees and other legal costs.

We feel that a candid discussion of attorney's fees and government costs is the best way to address client concerns and we are happy to provide you with our fees and expected Government and third party costs in these cases. Our fees in these types of cases are generally "flat fees" and cover all described services.

We customarily quote a "flat fee" for handling a case from beginning to end once the prospective client has advised of us the facts of his case, including any potential problems of which he is aware. We feel strongly that prospective clients must know, in advance, what their attorney's fees and costs will be for handling their case from beginning to end so that they can make informed choices about whether they wish to retain our law firm to assist them.

Please note that we do not offer marketing oriented pricing schemes such a multi-tiered "packages" or other "bait and switch" gimmicks. We practice law in the old fashioned way. While we certainly have routine flat fees for most routine cases, our flat fees for handling your case are ultimately based on our honest professional assessment of the individual facts of your case. If it's a routine case, it's our routine fee. If it's a limited service representation, it may be less. If it is a highly complex case, it may be more.


Lawyers are entitled to receive reasonable fees for work properly done on behalf of their clients. The fee can consist of the PROFESSIONAL FEE, MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES (for example, phone calls) and charges from 3rd Parties, (for example, Government Agencies etc) or in some case we charge on the basis of a percentage of any award or decree or settlement of your case.

The FIRM’S BILLING METHODOLOGY for agreed services to be rendered is time-based and dependent upon the followings:

  • Consistent with the Firm’s practice and in order to avoid subsequent conflict of interest an initial lump sum retainer may be chargeable in which event a specified number hours of free advice and work by the firm may be provided. 
  • Thereafter, professional services will be rendered on a time based system and the professional fee shall depend upon the number of hours incurred in any given matter.
  • The Complexity of the Matter or Preposition.
  • The Urgency of the Matter.
  • The Difficulty of the Questions Raised or Preposition.
  • The Skill, Labour, Specialized knowledge, Research Work and Responsibility Involved.
  • The Number and Importance of Documents Prepared or Examined
  • The Amount or Value of any Transaction Involved.
  • The Importance of the Matter to you.
  • The Time Reasonably Spent by Personnel in OUR FIRM on the Matter.
  • The Place or Places and the Circumstances in which the Matter is Pursued
  • Travelling Expenditure.
  • The Personal Security; and
  • Miscellaneous

The professional fee of Counsel in litigation matters is payable (in lump-sum or on a pro rata basis) in advance prior to commencement of hearings in the matter.

Nota Bene: All rates are exclusive of VAT or any other Tax that may be imposed by the Government in the future and does not include out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the matter and the same will be charged as incurred. And if you are unhappy with your Solicitor's Bill you have a number of options, as, Sometime, if you win your case, most or all of your costs (including Legal Fee) may be paid for by the other party, if court awards special cost against either party.
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