Our Team

The firm enjoys a sterling reputation, both nationally and internationally. The firm works on a regular basis with international clients and international law firms. Our team consists a team of highly qualified and motivated, seasoned, bright, experienced, pulsating and knowledgeable professional lawyers having compassion for life, justice, rule of law and client service; and they  are known for their unparalleled comprehension of the law and high standard of commitment and dedication to the legal profession and are diligently involved in providing cutting edge and solution oriented high value legal superior  services to a broad spectrum of clients by expanding legal landscape, caring reputation.

The quality work is the hallmark of the Barrister & Al Haq Corporate Law Firm’. This firm is choice for clients who are confronted with the most challenging legal propositions. Since its inception /establishment ‘Barrister & Al Haq Corporate Law Firm’s legal research facilities have maintained the highest standards of quality control and assurance adhering to the self-enunciated operating procedures for efficient and hazard-free proceedings by persistently maintain our ranking as one of the premier law firm in Pakistan.

  • Barrister & AL Haq Attorneys at Law is a Sizeable, Skilled adn fully equipped modern firm.We are easily accessible and work with business through out the world. Our success demonstrates the importance we place on serving and supporting our clients